Friday, October 16, 2009

His true nature..

        I have seen the noon time show Wowowee last August 3, 2009. The demeanor of the host, Mr. Willie Revillame, was shocking and disgusting. But I am wondering why people focused only on his words and actions when he said, “Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin ‘yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos.. etc. (read the quoted statementes of Mr. Willie Revillame in the papers or online news)”.
In this particular show of Wowowee, the host displayed three (3) acts of bad manners:
(1.) When Mr. Revillame was interviewing one of the contestants, he kept on saying – bilisan mo.. baka maputol na naman tayo dahil sa ano… yong ano.
- a writer in a broadsheet said that Mr. Revillame just kept on saying “ano” when referring to the cortege of Pres. Corazon Aquino. It was so improper and disrespectful of him to just say “ano” when referring to the icon of democracy.
(2.) The quoted words of Mr. Revillame in the online petition of Roel Saguisag.
- I need not say anything on this matter as this is the highlighted behavior of the host.
(3.) In that game wherein the contestants would guess the title of the song. The contestant gave the correct answer or title of the song which is Mad. Then Mr. Revillame said, “tama Mad! Yan ang feeling ko ngayon Mad!”
- this behavior or mental state of being angry should not be shown in a national television. Mr. Revillame must have controlled his emotions, a responsibility he owes to the public.
These three (3) bad manners of Mr. Revillame, when taken together, clearly show an ill-mannered host. Mr. Revillame, a disgrace to the kapamilya, should be fired by the network. ABS-CBN noon time show will still be No. 1 even without Mr. Revillame provided that they continue to be generous in giving prizes to the contestants. The people patronize Wowowee, not because of Mr. Revillame but because of the gifts and prizes the show had been giving the public.
Change the host + continue to be generous on prizes = ABS-CBN noontime show No. 1.
Bottom line: Oust Willie Revillame!!!
 Human Emotion Versus Logical Reasoning

            He the spur of the moment  or when  emotional grips him decide upon what he eventually look upon with regret, some theorist feel that the decision making patterns of human are easily swayed by emotionally